Zambiti va rog :)

Modern form - of love

Virginity - Helps in 99,99% of cases

 Maybe - It's time to stop?

You think all men are pigs? - If you were any better, you wouldn't know all the men

The off switch  - for men's brain

Everlasting optimist -

Everlasting optimist -

Spot - The one who is married

Democratic Elections - Only in Belarus

You don't have what to do, you're feeling bored - But still you won't go to do your homework...

Sometimes... - You just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

If Barbie Is So Popular - why do you need to buy her friends?

Feel lonely? - Set, that it is your birthday today on your Facebook account

Take my heart -

Internet opens the world - But closes the door to a single room

A man loves 3 women: the one who gave birth to him - the one who will give birth for him and the one who will be born


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